Sunday, December 16, 2012

How I Became an Erotic Romance Author

I was born to write erotic romance.  All my life, my imagination has been rife with made up stories of love and passion.  It just took me umpteen years to discover that I should write the stories down.

I started out by falling in love with the TV cowboys of the '50s and '60s - Nick Barkley, Little Joe Cartwright, Sugarfoot, Cheyenne Bodie, Colt 45, Johnny Ringo, The Deputy (my beloved Henry Fonda).  Come on, I can't be the only one who remembers these names.  My fantasies ran toward getting the hunks in hay lofts or deserted cabins in hot, romantic, sexual situations.  I skipped right over young adult fiction, going from horse stories in the children's section of the library, straight to the adult stacks.  My mother had no clue that I was reading about seraglios and sheiks.  I was getting quite an eduction that only inflamed my already vivid, imaginative, secret self.

Through the years I didn't write, but I didn't turn my imagination off either.  A few years ago, I told a friend a story about a young woman rancher in the Old West -- hmm -- wonder where that came from?  The woman had been kidnapped by her evil ranch foreman (named after an evil ex-boyfriend) and tied to a tree so said foreman could get some sleep.  The tying part really got me.  Where was this coming from?  I didn't want to be tied up -- at least not by the bad guy.  ;-)  The vivid story, with a plot, characters, and, yes, love scenes with the handsome cowboy hero wasn't just a fantasy, it was bigger than that.  My friend casually suggested, "Why don't you write it?"

How simple.  How right.  Could I do it?  Should I?  I don't like to start something if I don't think I can finish it, and I had a history of, once in a while, taking a big risk and having it work out.  The idea had me by the throat.  I bought a spiral notebook and put pen to paper.

Whoo-ee!  I knew with the first scene that I'd "found myself."  At first I was self-conscious about it, especially the love scenes, with doubts and insecurities settling in.  I was always confident in my story making skills but the technical needed help.  I didn't know that until I joined RWA and some on-line loops.  I just wrote madly for the absolutely blooming joy of it.

 I believe I am fairly adept in writing love scenes.  I see myself as a camera circling the couple; catching a brush of lips; a nip on an inner thigh; the trail of fingers along a silken-skinned, hard, hot shaft; the cupping of a lush, soft breast.  All the little details and those beautiful descriptive words - swollen, pink, moist, muscular chest, delicate sac, glittering gazes, eyes glazed in pleasure are so thrilling to write.  Then the thrust, the wet, delicious, erotic slide, the fullness as two lovers are finally joined.  The massaging of inner muscles that the hero feels as he's buried deeply within the heroine.  I can feel all this as a woman, but I try very hard to inhabit the man's perspective too.

I have been complimented on my non-sexual, descriptive scenes, but I am most proud of my love scenes.  A lot of them come to me when I'm trying to get to sleep at night.  I reach up for the pad and pen that are always kept by my bed.  I am happiest when a scene passes the "Jane" test and makes me hot.  I suffer for my art.  ;-)  The climax isn't even the best part for me.  The  journey of lips and teeth and tongue, the tenderness and urgency of fingers touching or gripping.  It's love that brings them together with sex the expression of that love.

This type of writing isn't for everyone.  That's fine.  But for me, erotic romance is my forte and my niche.


  1. I love the site, Jane. You've done an excellent job.

    You've got some very HOT covers.

    1. Glad you loved it, E. And I love my covers. ;-)


  2. Another Jane. How perfect! ;-) Thank you for commenting.