Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday - A Promise at Dawn

A Promise at Dawn


A Promise at Dawn - a M/F Contemporary Erotic Romance

She turned her head slightly so she could watch him. Now that was interesting. Fascinating, in fact. His shoulders flexed in sometimes long, sweeping strokes over the paper. Then he’d frown and tilt his head to consider more closely what he’d drawn. He’d look up and scrutinize something about her, but it was like he wasn’t aware of her as a person any longer. She was just The Subject.

     Somewhere along the line, she forgot to feel self-conscious. The weather cooperated, the wind died down, the only sounds were seagull squawks and the liquid lap of the waves upon the shoreline.

The grandfather clock in the house struck twelve times. “Oh, goodness, it’s noon already. Is it all right if I stretch?”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” he said looking for all the world as if he’d awakened from a trance. He reluctantly replaced his pencil on the easel and rolled his head from side to side to ease the kinks.

What would it be like to massage those thick muscles stretching across his shoulders? He’d worn jeans and a T-shirt that showed off his well-toned chest and muscular arms to perfection.

He caught her staring, and their gazes held for an endless moment. She saw interest in his eyes. Her heart fluttered in her breast. Licking her lips and looking away in dismay, she feared she sent him the wrong message with all her furtive gawking.

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  1. Replies
    1. Nope, not the wrong message at all! ;-)


  2. Great snippet... I wonder what will happen now that she sent the "wrong message"...

    1. Oh, if that scene actually happened to me - the author... ;-)

  3. Was it really the wrong message? Very nice excerpt, Jane.

    1. It sure didn't turn out to be the wrong message!

  4. Whatever the message was, it's going to get mighty interesting...:)