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Cowboys and Lawmen Blog Hop - May 2-6, 2013

 Welcome to the Cowboys and Lawmen Blog Hop!

Join nearly 50 authors as we share why we love Cowboys and Lawmen. Cowboys are known as bad-boys, but what happens when the bad-boy is also the law in town? What is it about these contradictions that make small town sheriffs, Texas Rangers, and ex-outlaws-turned-lawmen so irresistible?  Whether you write or love to read about the Wild West or modern day Montana, what do you love most about lawmen who are also cowboys? And what makes them so gol-durn sexy?
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Okay, here goes with Cowboys and Lawmen!
 What's not to love about them?  Ever since I was a kid, I loved westerns on TV.  Those Warner Brothers shows - Sugarfoot, Bronco, Cheyenne, Maverick, Lawman, and Colt 45 - brought heated fantasies and have never really ended.  More favorites were Johnny Ringo, Bonanza, and The Big Valley.  And this is certainly not an exhaustive list. 
I doubt these shows realistically portrayed the Old West, but that didn't mean I couldn't love their cowboys and lawmen.  Tight jeans had nothing! to do with it. 
·         Gun belts strapped around the hips with holsters tied around muscular thighs 
·         Tight shirts outlining chests as expansive as hips were narrow
·         Knife sharp jaws
·         Steely eyes gazing out across the desert landscape
·         Huge iconic Stetsons perched over manly faces
My very first manuscripts were Westerns starring two brothers who'd been orphaned at a young age, then separated, and reunited a decade later.  They haven't been published yet, but I have hope for them.  Since then, a younger, long lost sister has appeared.  These WIPs will always be the books of my heart. 
Back to the western TV shows - besides the tight jeans, I think it was the independent roaming, the ride into town or a situation, fix things, and ride out.  Small towns out in the middle of nowhere.  They were men of few words and were pretty much awkward around beautiful women, but they always knew the right way to solve a problem. 
A couple decades later seemed to come the family-based shows like Bonanza and The Big Valley.  Like many young girls, I loved Little Joe, but once Nick Barkley made himself known to me, I was a gonner.  To me, Nick epitomized the tall, dark, and handsome Western hero.  Although he never seemed to take off those black leather gloves, I'm sure his hands were strong, tanned, and gentle.  Although since he never took them off, I don't know if they were really tanned.  ;-)  In fact, I named my first Western hero Nick. 
I love Westerns, but many of my published books star contemporary lawmen.  The hero of Home to Stay is a small town deputy sheriff named Hank in honor of the old show, The Deputy, starring Henry Fonda.  The Keeper features the love story of Hank's partner, Pete.  Sam, the hero of Undercover Lover is an undercover Chicago cop, but the book was inspired by the cutest little coach house in my neighborhood.  I adored the house and had to build a story around it.  I've even published an M/M with two gay Chicago cops.  Anyway, obviously cowboys and lawmen have taken over my mind and writing life. 
I have one Western published - a short story - titled Hot Under the Collar.  A group of authors decided to write a mail order bride series.  My book features Pres MacKay, a former gunfighter turned preacher.  Isis Garrett is the woman he falls for. 
After a spectacularly failed romance left her devastated, all Isis Garrett wants is to start her library in this West Texas town. The last thing she wants is another man, not even the handsome preacher who offers his church for her books.
Pres MacKay is starting a new life as a preacher. He can’t hide his attraction to the sweetly rounded new librarian even as she pushes him away. Can he discover the way into her closed heart and prove to her he’s one of the good guys?
Pres isn’t about to give up on Isis, though. The question is can she forget the pain of the past and see a future with him?
“Well, Preacher, see any filly you like?”
Prescott MacKay studied the ladies as they alighted from the covered wagons. Unselfishly, he hoped his buddies would find suitable brides, and quickly. Selfishly, the thing he wanted most on this earth was a woman of his own, but as the preacher, he had to make sure the other guys found their wives first.
“Not really,” he responded, not quite truthfully, to Mayor Jim Benson. Many of the ladies were pretty, a couple could be called plain, one looked a little long in the tooth. Tall, short, thin, plump, the women came in all sizes and shapes. Someone for every fella’s taste. He wondered if one of them was to his taste. He might be a preacher, but he was still a man. A great, hungry, lonely, horny man.
“That one.” Benson pointed to a severely-dressed, severely-visaged lady. “Doesn’t look like she’s happy to be here.”
The woman stood to the side, away from the other chattering mail order brides, her lips pursed, gimlet-eyed gaze sweeping the town. The way her brows drew together said she didn’t find much favor in Paloverde, Texas. Frown notwithstanding, she was still pretty. Round cheeks, a determined pointed chin, fair skin, dark eyes, rich brown hair barely covered by a ridiculously small hat, there was something about her that called to Pres. Her gaze rolled over him, on to Jim, past them, assessing everything. Assessed and found wanting?
He was curious. If she traveled all this way to find a husband, why would she scowl like that? Wouldn’t she want to put on her best face? Her gaze came back to him. Or was it aimed at his friend? Even from across the busy, dusty street, he could see her lips part slightly and her eyes widen. The sudden heated tightening of his belly shocked him. She didn’t look like the kind of woman to inspire lustful thoughts, and as a preacher he tried to keep a lid on them. Didn’t feel it was right to respond to all his manly urges, at least not in public.
"What’s turned you against men?”
“I have nothing against…them.”
“I think you do.”
Shocked he had stumbled so close to her problem, she snapped, “Well, I never…” She tried to push herself up from the rock but couldn’t get her feet under her.
“Really?” he drawled, slipping his arm around her waist again to keep her close.
She tried to loosen his grip. He wouldn’t let her. She tugged again. “This isn’t right.”
“It feels good to me.”
Closing her eyes, she was almost fooled by the warmth in his husky voice. “You can’t mean that! I’m too…too plump.” She tried to pry his hand off her middle.
“I said, you feel good to me. Just hold still.”
Oh, God, this is torture. The only way she could think of to shove him away was to put her hand on his chest. The minute she did, he covered it with his own. She went motionless. His heart beat in continuous thuds, his shirt just one layer between hot skin and her palm curved around his muscles. She almost swooned. Hard male muscles. It brought back memories she’d tried to hold inside. Was his chest covered in rust colored hair? Her breath came out in fast shivery pants, but he held her hand possessively against him. His sky blue eyes darkened, his pupils enlarging. Then his hand no longer held hers. It cupped her cheek, long fingers wrapping around her nape and thrusting into her hair.
“Who hurt you, sweet Isis?” he murmured, his lips hovering over hers, his gaze focused on her mouth.
“No one,” she whimpered in denial. She didn’t know who made the first move, but she was truly afraid she had. Smooth and warm under hers, his lips tasted delicious with the salt of the fried chicken, sticky with the juice of apples, yeasty from beer. She welcomed the flick of his tongue, gave in to his intensely fierce response. Feverish and frantic, their lips melded, her tongue played with his, his with hers. He used his ruthlessly, stroking and massaging the length of hers, suckling, groaning his pleasure. She clung to his shoulders in a death grip and succumbed to the deliciousness of his sensual invasion of her mouth.
Pres lifted her in his arms, pivoted, and they went down together onto the cushion of thick grass. Her soft body above him, then under him, her lips open, he got lost in the craving of her. He ate at her mouth, controlling her head in one hand and working on the buttons of her tunic with the other. Opening them, he splayed a hand over the full lift of her breasts, round and firm, just the way he liked. Womanly and fine, he couldn’t get enough of her. He trailed his lips down her neck, nipped and licked, his tongue laving her collarbone. He folded back the edges of her gown to encounter a chemise with pretty little embroidered flowers. The undergarment didn’t deter him. Neither did its single button. Slipping open the delicate cotton, he bared a breast. A truncated moan caught in her throat as her back arched. His eyes feasted on the white, round, satiny smooth skin centered with a perfect, rosy brown nipple. A perfect, rosy brown, tightly furled nipple. Certain evidence she was equally aroused.
His tongue flicked out, anticipating the sensation of the hard bud on his lips. His teeth ached to tug it. The minute he put his mouth on her, her hands came up, fingers fisting through his hair, clutching the strands in clear permission. Suckling hard, he swiped his tongue back and forth across the tip of her breast, then blew a gentle cool breath over her just to see it stiffen even more.
“Oh, God!” She gave a high-pitched shriek and almost tore his hair out.
He heard it through his lust-filled, frenzied mind. It pounded in his brain. God’s watching. But like a starving child, he continued to draw on her, uncovering the other breast, stroking and caressing the soft pillows of flesh. Her body thrashed beneath him, rhythmically pumping, arching upward.
“Pres,” she whined. “Yes.”
He had to stop, meant to stop. He jerked up, the truth hitting him hard. Wrong. This is wrong. “Oh, God,” she moaned, her eyes tightly closed in ecstasy.
Pres and Isis are favorites of mine, but I must admit I love all my couples. 
Besides the Grand Prize mentioned at the beginning of this post, I'm offering a prize to a random reader who comments on this post (leave your e-mail address, please) --
***A pdf download of my Western short story Hot Under the Collar***
      Or, after visiting my website -, you may decide to pick another of my books.  I just want you to have happy reading.  But keep in mind that I write sensual to erotic romance, so HOT is the operative word.

 What is your favorite part of the Western genre - historical or contemporary?  Please comment for a chance to win prizes. 
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  1. Great post. I loved old TV westerns, the Lone Ranger (I have a thing for masked heroes), and little Joe. You have me wondering what Nick's hands looked like! lol

    1. Ahh, Nick's manly hands. I used to access a Big Valley fan fic site and they were always talking about his gloves.

  2. Oh, who doesn't like a cowboy? I think those old shows made cowboys acceptable and sexy.
    I love writing my sweet, contemporary westerns set in Wyoming. Today's cowboys have a certain appeal because they have that earthy appeal of a slower lifestyle. Fresh air, natural muscles that come from hard work and not the local gym, fresh veggies and meat, guys who actually say please and thank you. Men who hold doors and smile! They've been raised to treat their mom and all females with respect.
    And pair of jeans, pair of boots, a pretty buckle, and a nice Stetson looks good on a man. Yep, gotta love a cowboy!
    Jane, can't wait until you get your cowboys out on the virtual shelves. (Fanning self! I know how you write!) Those cowboys will be worth the wait!

    1. Okay, E, everything you described so perfectly describes what we love about cowpokes.

  3. Hot and sexy. I loved both excerpts, Jane. Sending a bit Yee-Haw from Texas. Yes, those Stetson topped cowboys roam Texas, from the miles and miles of miles to the big cities like Dallas and Houston. Cowboys? We got 'em. Thanks for sharing some great excerpts.

    1. Thanks, J.D. Living in Chicago, we'd probably laugh if we saw a man in a Stetson here in the city. I'd love to see them in Texas, though.

  4. Great excerpts!

    What do I love about Westerns? The attitude and the Wranglers ;) Western life is far far different from the life I love and that's what appeals to me

    1. I know. Western life is far different for me too. And I assume when you say Wrangers, you're talking about the jeans. Unfortunately, in the actual Old West, their jeans weren't skin tight. Drat it! ;-)

  5. It's hard to chose a favorite because so many of each type are just so good.... but I think contemporary western might win by half a hair. I've read Hot Under the Collar and I absolutely loved it. Pres is probably one of my favorite heros. Wanting so bad to be so good and holding on by a thread after he meets Isis. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

    1. THANK YOU! I appreciate your comments about Pres. Since I write erotic/sensual romance, I had a ball trying to write that way for a hero who'd vowed to remain celibate until marriage - especially after living the opposite way in his gunfighter days.

  6. Hi Jane! Although I do read the historical westerns occasionally, I am drawn to the contemporary cowboys. I was in love with Heath Barclay. Nick was a little to dark for my tastes. :-) Blessings!\


    1. There was just something for me about that darkness of Nick. Heath was definitely gorgeous, though, and actually my first two unpublished Western heroes are based on Nick and Heath. Isn't it odd that I picked Heath to be my first hero when it was Nick I was "taken" with?

  7. Like them both

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. If you mean you like both Heath and Nick, on that Big Valley fan fiction site, Jarrod was almost more popular than the other two.

  8. I watched quite a few re-runs of Big Valley. Heath -The young Lee Majors was really cute. I was more of an Alias Smith and Jones fan. :)

    kmnbooks at yahoo dot com

  9. I just Googled that show because I couldn't recall who was in it. I'm not sure why I didn't watch it. Although during that time, I was newly married. I guess I was busy dusting and cooking. ;-)

  10. I enjoy reading both contemporary and historical westerns. I was always taken with Nick from Big Valley, there was just something about that character that was fascinating.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  11. Yeah, he was a big, tough guy who could be tender - unless he was riled. ;-) But Big Valley was like Bonanza in that those guys could never keep a girlfriend for long. She'd always be gone by the end of that week's show. ;-)

  12. Thanks for participating on this wonderful blog hop, Jane! And thanks for asking about our reasons for liking the western genre. Well, I've never not liked it. My Dad used to read Ranch Romance pulp magazines when he was up late at night irrigating his hay fields...and I got to read them when he was through with them. I've liked the hard working cowboy, the muscular man who lived by a code, the strong & silent type. You said it exactly like I think and believe it, Jane. Rawhide, Wagon Train, The Virginian and all the old TV westerns were my addiction...and I still catch them when I can on AMC and Netflix. My Dad took us to a Randolph Scott movie every week or so while we were growing up. I'm glad I "met" you today.

    1. Hey, Janice, that's so neat about the Ranch Romance magazines. My dad only bought Playboy when he went away on business trips. I learned a lot from them. ;-) I was crazy about Rawhide, and it was for Gil Favor even though everyone else lusted after Rowdy. I wish one of the channels would bring back the Warner Brothers westerns like I mentioned in the post. Although they'd probably seem pretty corny nowadays.


  13. I grew up watching the TV shows The Virginian, The Lone Ranger,(I liked Tonto) Gunsmoke and Bonanza. I had a crush on Lil' Joe. I’m sure a lot of girls did.
    I love Hot and Sexy books, so I would love to win one of yours. :)
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. If you liked Tonto, you might like Johnny Depp's interpretation in this summer's movie, The Lone Ranger. That should be pretty interesting. I loved The Virginian.

  14. Replies
    1. Cowboys, all the time, all day, historical or contemporary. Can't beat 'em, huh? ;-)

  15. I use to love watching Alias Smith and Jones (loved to see what trouble they got into) and Bonanza.
    Loved your post.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  16. Thanks, Sherry. Gee, two mentions of Alias Smith and Jones. It sounds like I missed a fun show.

  17. I prefer contemporary western books with the sexy lawman/cowboy in them. The scenery, the animals and the men in nice tight jeans or uniforms with guns who want to protect you.


  18. Yes, uniforms with gun belts. Last summer we were in a restaurant for breakfast and a group of SWAT guys came in and sat right next to us. Not cowboys, but they had those uniforms and those guns. They spent most of their time looking at their iPhones. A little less sexy than you'd think. ;-)

  19. I adore tales about mail order brides. Actually, my current WIP is a mail order bride vs. Texas Ranger. Having a blast writing it.

    Thanks for a great post!

    ~~Emmly Jane
    ej (at) emmly jane (dot) com

    1. Yes, the idea of mail order brides is a fascinating one. And add in Texas Rangers sounds wonderful. Keep writing!

  20. I love both! Tho, i like more contemporary today. I love the ranches, animals, the men on horses wearing those sexy hats! Thank for sharing and being apart of this awesome hop!

    1. You pretty much said it all, Shadow. ;-)

  21. I like both, though I prefer the historical. But a cowboy is a cowboy - YUM!

  22. I prefer Historicals but I will read or watch Contemporay books and movies.

    1. I'd like to see more contemp. cowboy movies that are more romance, though, than tragic.

  23. I will read about cowboys anytime whether as Historicals or Contemporaries. I love to watch the old Westerns on tv as well.
    JWIsley at aol dot com

    1. You can't go wrong with a cowboy, I don't think!