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The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Party

June 1-30, 2013

To celebrate The Romance Reviews and Summer, come to the Sizzling Summer Reads Party during the month of June! 

DATE:  June 1-30, 2013

PRIZES:  Grand Prize $100 gift certificate

OTHER PRIZES:  Gift certificates, book giveaways, and more

MY PRIZE:  A PDF e-copy of Home to Stay

Do you love this cover or what!!??!!


Nickie Grace moved to Parkersburg to rehab an old house and forget a disastrous marriage, but a prowler threatens her newfound peace. The vandalism gets more personal and creepier with every instance. It's a small town, and the investigating deputy, Hank Crossman, is everywhere. Nickie's not ready to get involved but she can't resist the hunk's seductive moves -- or the adorable stray dog he adopted. A summer affair might be fun, not to mention that with a sheriff's deputy guarding her body, how much safer could she be?

 Deputy Hank Crossman loves to play the field. He's a commitment-phobe, who keeps everyone at arm's length, including his alcoholic father and the stray he's named simply 'Dog.' Now, he's determined to seduce Nickie Grace. Fortunately for Parkersburg, he takes his job much more seriously than he does his affairs. His frustration at not being able to solve the perverted and dangerous crimes against Nickie grows along with his attraction to her, and despite the dangers they become immersed in an intense lust-affair.

 Then Nickie almost loses her life, and Hank discovers that everything that's been happening is because of his past. He wants to bolt, get out of her life, but this time he just might come home to stay.

Read the excerpt below and answer the question
correctly for a chance to win a PDF e-copy of
Home to Stay.


The screen door slapped against the door frame, and ambient light filtered out from the kitchen. “Will I mess you up if I do this?” He knew full well that it would when he clamped his arm around her waist.

“Hey, don’t you dare!” She tensed.

“Oh, shit…” Ignoring her warning, he twined his fingers through her hair, cupped her scalp, and pulled her head back. Her mouth, open in protest, in unwitting invitation, seduced him. Icy eyes, darkening in passion, stared up at him in surprise and heat. His fist tightened in her hair, tugging the strands. She blinked once, twice, her nostrils flared. Fuck, she was as into it as he was. “Baby…” he growled and bent his head, meeting her lips full on, ravishing her mouth. The porch was silent for long minutes except for gaspy breathing, low moaning, and the high-pitched sounds of maniacally chirping crickets.

“Ha…” She gripped his shoulders and wrenched her mouth from his with a soft cry.

He paused a moment to look down at her, cupped her face in his palms, and brushed his thumbs across the crests of her cheeks. She stared at him in wild confusion. He didn’t want to give her time to question, to think. He re-angled his head and dove back in, squeezing his eyes closed, reveling in her mouth, in his tongue in her mouth. Her tongue in his mouth. Sweet, sweet little tongue, thrusting, tangling deeply, sliding along his teeth. The little, frenzied sounds from deep in her throat triggered his answering groans, and he pushed his hands down her back, past her waist, and cupped the soft denim covering her bottom. Her soft, luscious ass fit perfectly in his palms.

She stiffened her arms trying to put distance between them. “God…”

“Baby, you feel so good,” he rasped in her ear, roughly yanking her back, flexing his hips, and rolling his cock against her soft belly. Heat spiked in his dick, the little sobs and gasps, the sounds of her desire driving him crazy. Her fists gripped the back of his T-shirt, and he could feel her knuckles kneading his spine. He wanted her in bed, flat on her back, his prick buried deep.

She shivered against him, nuzzled his neck. Rubbed her thigh up his leg.

Hoh, Jesus, yes. “How ’bout we skip Nook’s?” he growled as he tipped her head back with his chin and nipped at her collarbone. Then, burying his nose between her neck and shoulder, he filled his senses with the erotic heat of her innocent, sweetly tart scent. The denim of her skirt was warm and soft and what was underneath invited stroking. He bent his knees, dropped his hands to the backs of her legs, and slid his fingers over her skin, smooth and firm. He brazenly dragged his hands up, up around the backs of her thighs to her…

Completely bare ass!

They both gasped, open mouthed, at the same moment when his hot, seeking palms settled over her hotter flesh. She cried out. He took her mouth with his, swallowing the sharp sound.

He thought he might bawl. His head spun. Bare. Naked. Skin. “Damn,” he rasped into her mouth. “You bought ’em. The thong.” He pulled her tighter against his hard, pulsing cock. “Goddamn.” High on her hips, he sought the elastic band from the top of the T stretched across the shallow indentations above her ass. His forefinger delved down, tracing the path of her crack. “Jesus Christ, Almighty,” he intoned reverently.

Neither breathed now.

He wanted inside her. Wanted to push her down and thrust inside her. His palm caressed her pussy, his fingers led him to her wet heat. Closer and closer. He inched the elastic aside. Dizzy with lust and hope, he lightly pinched her folds, slicking through the moisture. She seemed to be as lost as he was, moaning softly, continuously, and shimmying on his hand, pushing, urging him, pulling him into her heat.

She was so wet, so hot, so ready. He wanted to take his time, wanted to do this slowly, wanted the maximum pleasure for both of them. And, he didn’t know if he could take it slow. Almost terrified at the intensity of his feelings, he knew he was in this too far to stop.

His lips skimmed over her face, her moans and soft pleas rasped in the night air. He circled the softening entrance to her body, the scent of her arousal drawing him in deeper. His thumb nudged her hot, stiff clit. “I owe you,” he groaned.


That was all the permission he needed. He thrust two fingers inside her cunt, filling her; his lips took the sound of her guttural growl as she arched into him.

Hard thrusts in, slow, dragging pulses pulling out. Over and over until she was stretched as tightly as a bow. And he was the arrow. She was wet…so hot…tight. On the verge of coming ‑‑ he could feel the rippling contractions on his fingers ‑‑ she panted and ground against him.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered.

He placed his lips at her ear. “Come on, baby. I’m here.” Slow and easy, he slid his fingers in and out. In hard, out slowly.

Her body shuddered.

“Yeah, baby. Trust me.” He stroked his thumb across her stiff, swollen clit and covered her mouth with his, pumped his tongue in rhythm. Curving his fingers, he massaged the sweet spot inside her until her muffled shrieks and quakes died down. Her soft thighs squeezed tightly around his hand. He held on to her like he would never let her go.

His lips slipped on hers. Why was his face wet? “Baby, are you okay? Shh, it’s gonna be okay.” Christ. Why’s she crying? Women reacted in a lot of different ways to having orgasms, but crying always made him uncomfortable. Like they were making too much of it.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

“Why?” he asked gently. He had no idea what was going on anymore, but he couldn’t stop brushing his lips over her tear-streaked cheeks.

“I’ve never done that.”

“What?” Now he was alarmed. Never done what? She wasn’t a virgin. What hadn’t she done before? He took a deep breath and asked again, “What?”

“That loud shrieky thing.”

She rested her cheek on his chest, her face turned away from him, and he barely heard her answer. Her hips surged against his hand, a pulse still thumped erratically deep inside her pussy. Sliding his fingers out, he felt all the ripples and vibrations he’d felt going in. He licked his lips and tried to control his own haphazard panting. “It’s okay, honey.” How the hell did he know what was okay and what wasn’t? He’d never felt another woman shivering as hard as she was.

“Hey, you guys, are you finished talking yet?” There was a significant accent on the word talking.

“Bobbie,” Nickie gasped, her head snapping up, spearing him with hot, flustered eyes. “Oh, God, how could I have forgotten Bobbie?” She bit her lower lip in panic.

Answer the question
correctly for a chance to win a PDF e-copy of
Home to Stay.
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