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My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop - September 21, 2013 - Lost and Found

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Lost and Found, an erotic M/F romance coming soon from Ellora's Cave. 


On leave after eight years of deployments to the Middle East, Marc Rahn returns to his hometown, Birchwood Falls. At 18, right before graduating high school, his parents were killed in a car wreck. All he wanted to do was escape from his pain, so he joined the Marines. Suspicions about his parents' deaths have come to a head, and he's determined to find out how and why they died. He doesn't believe his dad was driving drunk and ran off the road. 

 Phoebe Barnes is a young, beautiful, jazz singer whose goal in life is to make it in the big time. She was abandoned as an infant, spent several years in foster homes, and was finally adopted by a loving couple. Those years in foster care kept her hungry for attention and fame that the singing and dancing lessons from her new parents couldn't completely cure. 

Marc's on a mission to find out the truth about his folks' deaths before his leave is over. Phoebe has no intention of giving up her desire for fame in New York or Los Angeles. Will they be able to fight their attraction for each other?

The Sexy Seven
In the inky blackness of the small club, a lone spotlight beamed down on her. At this moment in time, Phoebe Barnes was the center of the universe, all eyes on her. She heard only her accompaniment, Hank One at the piano, Hank Two on sax. The minor notes of both instruments filled the room, overshadowing the clinking of bottles and glasses and the low-toned conversations. Blocking other sights and sounds, she sang of the sadness of trying to save love only to lose it in the end.
Phoebe, her petite body sheathed in a floor length, black tank dress with ruffles running diagonally across the bodice, warbled into the microphone. The campy thick streak of her bright fuchsia bangs belied the melancholy bluesy tones of It Doesn't Matter Any More by Eva Cassidy.
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  1. Very nice snippet. I can see her standing there, singing her heart out and very sexy to boot.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Dakota and Lynn!