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His, Hers & His, Loving Valentine, The Keeper, Soldier, Come Home, and Winning Violetta - All Indie Published Books on Amazon #equills #eroticromance

I love these books.  They were all previously published at various houses,
but they then became mine.  They're mostly different genres
which is the way I write.  I know readers want authors
to be consistent but three of the stories were originally written
for submission calls. 

His, Hers & His

Through an odd twist of fate, Gwen Bailey meets up with Brede Harker and Rory O’Brien, a sugar daddy and his sugar daddy apprentice. This meeting leads to a night of exploration and passion that none of them will ever forget. Are they destined for matching His, Hers & His towels?
This is my first and so far only ménage story.  I loved writing it though!

                         Loving Valentine

Valentine, her brother Ryan and his best friend Rafe, ran wild when they were kids. Val's crush on Rafe started early and never died. Recovering from his divorce, Rafe reunites with Val at Ryan's wedding and is thoroughly turned on by the stunning woman she's become. Sparks fly, and their mutual fascination turns to lust. Val and Rafe's lifelong fantasies are fulfilled in one night of breathtaking sensuality. Can this ecstatic reunion turn to love?

The inspiration for this story came from a group idea to write stories that included a red heart-shaped satin pillow.  Others wrote nice stories about floating down a stream in a canoe with the heroine's head pillowed on satin.  Naturally, I wrote a smoking hot story about reunited love.  That's just the way I roll.  ;-)

The Keeper 

I love this book!  The cover ain't bad either.  All my heroes are heroes, but Pete is the best guy.  He is someone who takes care of a woman and Sharon needs taking care of.  They're both KEEPERS.

Sharon Timmons picked herself up from a rough childhood, making a new life for herself. Dumped by her cop boyfriend, his partner rescued her, heart and soul. No one had ever really needed Pete Rayne until Sharon came along. A knockout with insecurities, Pete scooped her up in his arms–literally–and didn’t plan to let her go. He’s determined to prove he’s the one man who’ll love her forever. Will Sharon finally realize her intense, honest relationship with Pete is true, and that he is The Keeper?


         Soldier, Come Home

         I used to work in Sears Tower.  One day I was walking around the area and passed by Union Station.  A story idea popped into my brain and it became Windy City Love Affair, now Soldier, Come Home.  Jess has just come in on the train, spots Lorren, and is immediately smitten.  He must meet her.  He's in town for business and has no problem mixing that with pleasure. 

Army Ranger Jess Crofton wants one last fling before deployment. He gets that along with memories of Lorren Samples to carry with him into battle. Can a long deployment, a horrific Afghan mountain battle, and a wounded hero rekindle the passion he found on a hot Chicago summer's day?


Winning Violetta                                     

The joust winner will be Princess Violetta's  husband. Undercover, Prince Colin immediately falls in love with her when she shoots him with her bow and arrow. What will happen when the truth comes out, and how will Violetta's faery godsisters facilitate a happily ever after for the Royal couple? 

Oh, isn't that cover gorgeous?  Three of my covers came from the Jimmy Thomas site.  They're all great, but this might be the most beautiful.  I'd never written a faery tale but really enjoyed this one.  Besides the research into Medieval castles and life, I got a kick out of my two faery godsisters, the little lovely devils. 

All are available on Amazon here:
His, Hers & His -

Valentine's Day -

The Keeper -

Soldier, Come Home -

Winning Violetta -
And here's the link to a free download at Smashwords - an anthology with a short sequel to Winning Violetta starring one of the faery godsisters.  Many other shorts are included - all from the famous Exquisite Quills authors. - 

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Jane Leopold Quinn

My Romance: Love With a Scorching Sensuality


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