Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Today I'm welcoming Siren author Skye Michaels with Nicollette's Defense, the 4th book in her Black Iris Club

Book 4 of The Black Iris Club
by Skye Michaels

Available for presale at a 10% discount--- Release Date July 28, 2014

BDSM M/F Contemporary Sextreme  -  Great weekend read!

Nicollette’s Defense, Book Four  of The Black Iris Club Quartet by Skye Michaels is the fourth and final book of the new BDSM series set in HOT Fort Lauderdale against a police/legal background.  It features four friends who are cops or attorneys, and their HOT HOT HOT Doms!   Did I say it was HOT?   But what would you expect in Fort Lauderdale in the summer?   Give it a try.


Nicollette Sommers is a criminal defense attorney practicing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Against her better judgment she had negotiated a plea bargained sentence for Antoinette Marie Beaudreau, aka Anne Marie Harrison-McGrath who was accused of kidnapping young, homeless girls from the streets of Fort Lauderdale and forcing them to work as prostitutes near the casinos in Louisiana.  At the time, the deal had seemed like the only way to recover the girls that were still missing.

After Antoinette Marie had been sent upstate to serve her twenty-five year sentence, an attraction sprang up between Nikki and attorney Daniel McGrath, Antoinette Marie’s ex-husband.  Dan had divorced Anne Marie and made financial provisions for her, but after the papers were signed and filed, she had a change of heart.  Despite her incarceration, she wanted her husband, kids, and home back.

  Nikki is a switch and a member of Jack Dalton Brown’s exclusive and secret BDSM club, The Black Iris Club.  Dan is convinced to take a BDSM class at the club, and Nikki and Dan decide to explore the possibilities.  The relationship starts off smoothly but soon hits rough waters.  Dan is having a problem separating his hate for Antoinette Marie and all she had done from his love for his wife of twenty years, Anne Marie.  Will Antoinette Marie’s machinations from her prison cell and Dan’s ambivalence make a happy ending impossible?


      Nikki was waiting for Dan when he opened the door and walked into the foyer of the club. She was standing there in a long black coat since this was arguably a public room. She had a small bag with street clothes in it for later. Her toy bag had been put in the dungeon theme room by the dungeon monitor. Mr. Dan McGrath was in for a surprise tonight, and he was about to learn the true meaning of “switch.”

She leaned in and let him kiss her cheek before she turned to the dungeon monitor. “Thanks for taking care of my room reservation, Max. Let’s go, Dan.”

He followed her into the dungeon and then down the hall where she swiped into the dungeon theme room, which was a miniature replica of the main dungeon. It was an intimidating space with dark-red walls and all the standard BDSM equipment and an opulently made bed in the corner. When they were inside and she had locked the door behind her, she shrugged out of her coat and let it fall to the floor. She was left standing in a black bustier, black lace garter belt holding up black mesh stockings, and high, black heels. Her apricot hair was spread over her shoulders, and a long, fat curl dropped down into her cleavage. Her ass and closely trimmed pussy were fully exposed. She knew the look was shocking, especially against her peaches-and-cream porcelain skin.

Dan looked like he was in shock. “Pick up my coat, sub, and hang it in the closet. Then strip, hang your clothes, put on cuffs, and assume the position. If you don’t want to be my sub tonight, say so now and we’ll leave. If not, tonight will be by my rules. You will obey or face the consequences.” Dan still had not said anything. “Well, sub, do you want to continue or not?”

“Uh, yes, Mistress.” Ah, so he was willing to call her Mistress. She would have settled for Ma’am.

“Then strip and put on the cuffs.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He picked up her coat and walked to the closet where he hung it on a hanger and proceeded to remove and hang his own clothing. When he was naked, he took a set of wrist cuffs from the drawer.

“Ankle cuffs, too, sub. And hurry it up.”

While he moved to follow her orders, she observed him carefully for the beginnings of defiance in his attitude. She watched as he put on the padded wrist and ankle cuffs before she ran her fingers under them checking for proper fit. “Do you want me to go over the rules with you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You will call me Mistress in this room when I am the Domme. You will not speak unless asked a direct question. You will obey all orders immediately. Now, stand under the chains and assume the slave position, feet spread, hands at your sides, head bowed.”

She needed a minute to think. She hadn’t done this is a while, and although she was a “switch,” she didn’t often assume the top role. Truthfully, the men she was attracted to would not allow it. Ha! Picture Jack Dalton Brown as a sub—never going to happen. She thought that the surprise factor was the only reason she was getting away with it now. Once Dan was in position, she walked up beside him and fastened his wrist cuffs to the chains hanging from the ceiling and adjusted the length so that he was just standing on his bare feet. Then she nudged his feet apart and fastened his ankle cuffs to the bolts recessed in the smooth oak floor. Once she had him secured to her satisfaction, she walked around in front of him.

“I am the Domme tonight. You are the sub. Do you want to go over hard limits?”

“I have the same hard limits Mistress gave me the first time we were here.”

“Fine. What is your safe word?”

“My safe word is ‘juris prudence,’ Mistress.”

She walked around his body and admired his well-defined muscles, hard stomach, long legs, and fine ass. She had plans for that ass tonight. She picked up a riding crop and stood slightly behind him and to the side. “Look at me, sub.” When she had his attention and he was looking her in the eyes, she reached out with the crop and laid a smart slap across his butt. “You have earned a punishment for disrespecting me this past week. You will receive nine more strikes. You must learn to communicate with your partner, be she Domme or sub, and let your needs be known. You will count for me. If you fail to count, we will start again at one.  I’m waiting, sub. Do you want to start again?”

“One, Mistress.” He didn’t look happy, and she was sure he was going to be a lot less happy by the time she had smacked his ass nine more times with the sturdy little riding crop. It had a nice spring to it, and she knew it stung like a bitch. There was nothing he could do except safe word out, and she doubted he would do that.

She delivered another smack. “Two, Mistress.” By the time she had delivered eight more good strokes across his butt and he had counted each and every one, he looked like he had about had enough of this game. His handsome cock was standing at attention, but if looks could kill, she’d be lying on the ground right now.

“Good job, sub. Now you have earned some pleasure.” She walked behind him and ran her hands down his muscular back and over his ass. The stripes were red and painful looking but with no broken skin. He would feel them and have a reminder tomorrow, and that had been her intention. She patted his ass a few times. She could all but hear him grinding his teeth. She was determined to get his attention, and Mr. McGrath had a lesson to learn. You didn’t piss off a woman who was a switch and could turn from sub to Domme when you least expected it.

Here are the blurbs for the other books in the new BDSM Black Iris Quartet

Kaylin’s Pursuit, Book 1 by Skye Michaels  (Now also available on and
M/F Erotic Romance/BDSM/Heat Level:  Sextreme
Homicide Detective, Kaylin Gallagher, and her partner, Delaney Lord, are called to the parking garage of a twenty-story building in downtown Fort Lauderdale on a muggy Sunday morning in July.  The body of a young woman had been found in the dumpster on the first level. 

With little evidence, they tour the premises of the private and very luxurious penthouse BDSM Club called The Black Iris Club looking for a crime scene.  The club’s owner, handsome bachelor Jack Dalton Brown, has an iron-clad alibi, but Del Lord is still suspicious.

Although Brown has his pick of women, the beautiful but slightly quirky detective catches his eye.  When the investigation of the murder is going nowhere, Jack Brown offers to let the detectives run an undercover operation in his club.  With Kaylin as his sub they attempt to draw out the murderer.  In the meantime three more bodies have turned up, and the situation is getting desperate and  Jack and Kaylin’s relationship blooms.  When it hits some rocky ground, can the Dom and the Detective get the bad guy and work out their problems?

Chloe’s Rescue, Book 2 by Skye Michaels (Now available on and

M/F Erotic Romance/BDSM/Heat Level:  Scorching

Broward Sheriff’s Office Detective Chloe Carlton works out of the Strategic Investigation Division that handles narcotics and vice.  Although he was crazy about her Chloe’s boyfriend, the charming and handsome attorney and Dom, John James Temple, was very uncomfortable introducing a vice cop to his law partners and friends.  And he certainly couldn’t take her to the luxurious, private BDSM club called The Black Iris in the penthouse of the JDB Building.  Chloe confronts J.J. about the fact that she had not met any of his friends.  He makes the mistake of being truthful and tells her that her job as a vice cop makes him uncomfortable, and they break up.

Months later, Homicide Detectives Kaylin Gallagher and Del Lord investigate the case of a young girl found dead in a commercial shipping container near Port Everglades.  They consult Chloe regarding the case.  She advised them that the case might involve human trafficking.  A joint taskforce between Homicide and Strategic Investigations is formed to look into the apparent disappearance of young, homeless runaway girls from the streets of downtown Fort Lauderdale. 

Chloe and Kaylin, with the help of Kaylin’s boyfriend and Dom, the handsome Jack Dalton Brown, put together a fund raiser at The Black Iris Club for the Sistrunk Outreach Shelter, a facility for homeless teens.  Chloe is confronted unexpectedly at the fund raiser by J. J. Temple.  After some fireworks, they manage to patch up their differences and give their relationship another try.

The investigation leads Chloe to suspect that J. J.’s senior partner’s wife, the beautiful socialite Anne Marie McGrath, might be the mysterious dark-haired woman in a black Mercedes who has been offering to buy the young runaway girls lunch and new outfits.   J. J. is incensed that Chloe has instigated an investigation of his friend and partner’s wife—just what he had feared all along.

Can their fragile relationship survive a second bout of heated and unkind words, and can the taskforce save the missing girls?

Gabriella’s Prosecution, Book 3 by Skye Michaels is available for pre-sale on

M/F Erotic Romance/BDSM/Heat Level:  Sextreme

Gabriella Maria Delaveccia is an Assistant State’s Attorney with the Broward County State’s Attorney’s Office.  She has worked for the very handsome but enigmatic and sometimes difficult State’s Attorney, Miguel Gatto, since his election two years ago.  Miguel is a not-so-typical Latin male with control issues.  He keeps a tight hand on every case in the office, and Gabby had been wondering if she would ever progress past second chair.  While Gabby is wildly attracted to Miguel and has been singed by his macho aura, she is afraid of that attraction.  It wouldn’t be smart to get involved with the boss.  Although, she has fantasized about him in the privacy of her houseboat, Gabby’s Nest, for two years, she tried to convince herself that she couldn’t stand him being near her when she really wanted to climb into his skin.

Miguel Juan Carlos Gatto-Alba is a sadist whose roots in Spain go back to the Inquisition.  The kinky strain has come down through the Gatto family tree to the present day.  As a member of the exclusive and secret Black Iris Club, Miguel has dealt with his sexual kink through the use of BDSM to keep his urges under control.  Safe words and protocols help him curb his urges.  His dark side is very intriguing but more than a little scary.  The Gatto family were some of the early settlers in Puerto Rico, and they still live on the family estate, Bahia Honda, in the mountains above San Juan.   All the Gatto men have been Doms since before that word or concept existed.  Miguel wanted Gabriella from the moment he first saw her in the office, but in his political position, he has to be careful.  Scandal could ruin not only his legal career but his hopes for a future in politics.

When Gatto assigns a high profile but dangerous case to Gabby to prosecute he is worried that he is putting her in the crosshairs of the defendant, Ramόn Gonzalez, head of the El Salvadoran Los Mara Toros Rojas gang.  Miguel finally takes a chance and initiates a relationship with Gabriella, but can they deal with the dangerous case unfolding around them as well as a dangerous attraction to each other?

Author Bio for Skye Michaels

I was born in New Jersey and grew up an only child on a small farm in the “Garden State”.   My father grew acres and acres of flowers for commercial florists and various produce such as tomatoes.  My high school years were spent at Wayne Hills High School, where I was not one of the popular preppy kids, or one of the hoods - which kind of left me in limbo as I wasn’t one of the brainiacs either.    Weekends were spent going into “the City” and Greenwich Village with my friends and doing a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have - don’t tell my grandkids!  

After attending Katharine Gibbs School in Montclair, New Jersey, I began a career as a legal secretary and then a paralegal.  I moved to Florida and currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my dog, Snickerdoodles.   I  was married for eight years but have been single for many years.  My major addiction is jewelry, but any kind of shopping will do for a fix!

After my long-time job as a paralegal was ended by the economic downturn, I decided to turn lemons into lemonade and finally write the stories I’d had in my head for many years.   I had always wanted to write romance novels, but my family and job kept me too busy. 

My major interest aside from my family and friends is horses.  I enjoy putting an animal character into my stories if possible.   I am extremely “low tech” and probably should have been born in the 1800's as I enjoy driving a horse and buggy for fun.  I also enjoy horseback riding, but the ground has gotten harder and further away over the years.  

I have a small farm and vacation home in Ocala, Florida which is my favorite place in the world.  There’s nothing as wonderful as swinging in the hammock in the shade and listening to the music of the wind in the pines while cuddled under a quilt reading a good book.   I set my first series, the Le Club Series, in Ocala’s fabulous horse country. My second series, the Golden Dolphin Series, is a spinoff of that set aboard a luxury yacht that travels the world with occasional visits by some of the original characters. 

Books have always been my escape into love and adventure, and through reading I have been able to be many people, do many things, and go to many wonderful places I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to be, do or see.

I hope that all hard working women who have a moment to put up their tired feet and relax with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) enjoy getting to meet my fantasy friends and to experience something new and different with a touch of hot romance thrown in for good measure!



  1. Welcome today, Skye!! Congratulations on this whole series.

  2. Thanks, Jane! I love being on your blog. I also really love this series. The romance is hot and the interaction between the characters is fun, especially the four girlfriends. Also, I get to take my readers on a tour of my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is a lot of fun! I hope everyone will give them a try! - Skye Michaels