Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Sexy Saturday - 10/11/14 - Winning Violetta by Jane Leopold Quinn


Seven Sexy Paragraphs!

When she swept past him, his breath caught in his throat. She’d been quite appealing dressed as a boy, but gowned in the finest of clothing as a princess of the realm, she looked stunning. Good God, how was he going to complete his mission with a distraction like this? He wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

Love? Where had that come from?

Lust was acceptable. But he had no defenses against a freckle faced, red head with dangerous, flashing green eyes reminding him of emeralds. No, they were the color of the forest with sunlight reflecting through the leaves.

Or the  shading of the ocean near to shore with sparkling lights dancing on its surface.

Damn and blast! What stupid, poetic, romantic nonsense.

He’d watched her approach, staring, willing her to lift her gaze to him, and at the same time, also very afraid for those beautiful eyes to light on him. Would she hold the glance or look quickly away? Brazenly, he surveyed every inch of her.

He wanted her. Usually, he liked his women easy, but he had a strong feeling the Princess Violetta wouldn’t be an easy conquest. Not a woman with enough self-command to be an expert at archery. He grinned at his crazy thoughts about the beauteous Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

Rose and Hyacinth—how can two such well meaning, but hapless faery god sisters meddle in one princess’s life without causing complete chaos?
King Eric promised Princess Violetta she would choose her own husband, then breaks that promise. He offers her hand in marriage to the winner of the joust in return for the knight’s support in war against his enemy. Chafing at this, Violetta, an expert with bow and arrow, accidentally shoots one of the competitors. She can’t believe the effeminate knight is also the most handsome man she’s ever seen. Knowing she shouldn’t, she still surrenders to his seduction, hungering for his kisses and caresses.
Prince Colin, on a spy mission, disguises himself as an outrageous fop. The last thing he expects to find is the beautiful, passionate princess. He treads a fine line fighting attraction to her and loyalty to his father. Then his mission turns from spy to love, and he must reveal his true identity risking a trip to the dungeon.
Will Colin’s honesty destroy their future? Will Violetta let go of her feelings of anger and betrayal? Two faery god sisters certainly hope so.
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Jane Leopold Quinn
My Romance:  Love With a Scorching Sensuality

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