Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Boyfriends Cafe - March 6 - Her Hero

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The inspiration for this hot story was something not very "hot" at all. It was winter and cough medications were advertised on TV. One particular commercial caught my eye. A unattractive fellow coughed all day long, irritating his co-workers. Someone offered him a cough drop and poof!, he turned into a non-coughing hunk. A story popped/poofed! into my head. An ugly, bearded, beat up looking man rescues a beautiful woman from danger. Hint: he cleans up nicely.

Here's the blurb to Her Hero:  Rowdy Pierce-warrior. Sara Stewart-artist. Macho mercenary rescues posh jewelry designer. Their lives collide in an spectacular rescue and escape across the Egyptian desert. Sara falls for her sexy, body-to-die-for hero and makes the first move. Rowdy, fascinated by the luscious, sweet-bodied, free-spirited woman he saved, takes what Sara offers. He doesn’t expect to lose his heart. Will their lust turn to something deeper back in the real world?

Today's task on the hop is to give you a one-line, swoon-worthy piece
of dialogue by the hero, Rowdy Pierce.
So, here goes...
"Sweetheart, you're killin' me," he groaned. "Long legs, sexy underwear, and stilettos? I've died and gone to heaven."
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  1. Loving the piece of dialogue!

  2. Thanks so much, Mel! I appreciate your stopping by for some hotness. ;-)