Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors - Passion/Retribution/Love


The set up:
Liz has been held hostage by Sam's enemy, and
they're now outside her house with a gun to her head.

Defenseless with her hands taped behind her back, the cold metal felt savage against her skin. 

Open your eyes, Liz -- look at me -- look at me, baby.

The words were in her head. At first they didn't mean anything, just low sounds beneath all the other noise.

Look at me.


Liz, baby, open your eyes.
      She cranked her eyes open a slit, saw the thick arm cloaked in dark wool imprisoning her neck.

Here's the blurb:

Free spirited actress Liz Aspen can't resist masturbating to the fantasy of her gorgeous, hunky next door neighbor. If he were only there in the bedroom with her, she wouldn't need Mr. Fake-Nine-Inch-Cock. Sam Bolt, loner and secretive undercover cop, gets an eyeful when he accidentally spies on his neighbor from his window to hers. It's a shame what she's doing to herself—when he could do it much better!

Their lives entwine when he saves her life, but she's in further danger when his past meets his present. Sam hates the pain he's caused, but can't stay away from her. He craves the promise of a normal life with a soft, willing woman like Liz who doesn't have to fight torturously dark demons. Addicted to his powerful lovemaking, Liz finds him as compelling as she is confused by the mystery of what he's not telling her.

Will she still love him when he finally tells her the whole truth? Can Sam accept that his past actions don't need to destroy a future with a woman who has proven her strength—emotionally and physically?

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  1. Intense scene! Nicely done. The short sentences are perfect for the pacing. :-)

  2. Exciting . You prove that short sentences can grab the reader.

  3. Thank you so much, Teresa and Charmaine!

  4. Very effective snippet, made me highly curious about the story. The premise is fascinating...great 8!