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Book Boyfriends Cafe Hop - Hot and Bothered Scenes

Today's hop is Hot and Bothered Scenes, in other words SEXUAL TENSION...

The set up:
Pamela has decided to show Stephen who's boss,
teach him a lesson in power...

She'd been fighting her attraction to Stephen for months. She was his elder. Couldn't she have her way with him just once?

She couldn't erase the memory she had of his massive cock, the memory of the hot imprint of it on her belly. He wanted her. She wanted that cock. Just once. Then it would be over. She'd slake her lust and go on with her immortal life.

Now was the time to show him her real power. Besides, cops and lawyers don't mix. She was much older than he was, not to mention he was an aristocrat, she a commoner. There were so many differences between them. Too many.

Here in his bedroom, she'd brought her bag of tricks with her, and she wasn't leaving until her thoughts…dreams…fantasies of him were vanquished. Pamela had been a commoner, Polly Mann, back in 1630 when she was made vampire. Stephen may have been a lord, but that had less meaning now in America.

A breeze wafted through the open windows, billowing white, sheer curtains into frothy waves. The room was cool but would soon be hot as blazes. Stationed at the foot of his king size bed, ooh, nice playground, she watched him sleep. He'd pushed the sheets off his nude body. Even in slumber, it was as if he knew something was going to happen. For an unguarded moment, her mouth dropped open at his pure, physical beauty. Her mouth watered at the muscles of his chest, well-defined and smooth, at the large, oval shaped nipples centering his pectorals. I'll get to them in a minute. A flat belly led to a lovely nest of dark pubic hair, his penis, soft but still thick and dozing, draped over one thigh. It was amazing how vulnerable and delicate it looked in its resting state.

Not for long.

She fingered one of the playthings she'd brought with her. Her lips tipped up, and she closed her eyes savoring the anticipation. When she opened them, his were open too, his gaze calm and slightly amused. Then she lifted the silver links and was rewarded with a slight wariness in his eyes.

"Why are you here?" he asked. "You never answered my question. How did I not know about you all this time?"

"I was shielding. I didn't want you to know."

He stiffened, the words gritted out through a tight jaw. "How. Old. Are. You?"

"Three hundred eighty-two."

"Why didn't you want me to know? You knew what I was all along."

"Of course."

"Why are you here, then?"

She felt almost confused. Why, indeed?

His nostrils flared. He rubbed at his jaw, and his cock hardened. "Did you come here to make me submissive to you?"

She liked his husky rumble and felt pretty growly herself. "I thought you needed a lesson in power."

Wariness turned to alarm, just for a moment. Then it was as if his natural male vampire arrogance asserted itself, and he challenged, "You think just that tiny bit of silver can control me?"

"Not just." She pinned him with the gaze of an ancient undead. "I am your elder. I can make you submit, but I'll be a Twenty-first Century woman and give you a choice." She fingered the delicate silver links, running them across her palm like water flowing down a lazy stream. To an almost four hundred year old vamp, the metal caused only mild tingling on her skin. To one as comparatively young as he was, it would prickle and tease. Pain and pleasure at the same time. She was sure he would know this, but she didn't know if he would want it.

"Why don't you try. You might well be overestimating your strength," he taunted, his voice silky and deliciously prurient.

Her lips tightened. How dare he challenge her. "Raise your arms and grip the spindles of the headboard," she ordered.

He hesitated.

"Now," she barked.

He quirked a smile and slowly complied.

She'd wipe that smile off his arrogant, scum-freeing face. Abruptly, she dropped her shields, except to the most private depths of her mind, and commanded his wrists to lock. He couldn't lower his arms, the hair in his armpits and the tender skin on the underside of his biceps, the vulnerability of his trapped arms quickened her, a shiver of erotic ecstasy flowing over her skin. She felt the heat of her pussy softening and her sheath pulsing when his cock, long and hard, thickly roped with veins, surged off his thigh and curved upward toward his muscled belly. "I think that proves something, don't you?"

His black eyes glittered, his nostrils flared, his lips still arrogantly quirked. He raised one eyebrow, then lowered his lashes in a self-satisfied sweep. "Remove your peignoir. I want to see you."

Still fighting my control, are you? She huffed a snicker and pursed her lips. Over the silk and lace of her gown, she drifted a length of the silver chain across her nipple, the sensation more electrifying than she'd expected. His eyes widened as if he, too, felt it. He would soon enough. The purpose of this night wasn't to titillate herself. It was to punish him for helping scumbag criminals go free with an added bonus of proving he had no control over her.

"I could do that so much better."
This time, she raised an eyebrow. Yes, no doubt, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of admitting that. Tracing her lips with the tip of her tongue, she draped the chain across his belly, avidly watching the quiver of his muscles in reaction to the silver stroking over him.
Here's the blurb for Love Awakens -
Erotic Vampire Romance
Weary of her vampire existence, Detective Pamela Manley laser-focuses on her job as a police officer. Life is perfect until a certain handsome lawyer crosses her in court. What he doesn't know is that she's centuries older than he is, and she intends to control him.
Defense lawyer Stephen Armsbury is hot for the beautiful cop. After an evening of food and intimate kisses, he plans to get her into his bed ASAP. Furious when he discovers she's also a vamp, not to mention older and more powerful, he must discover why she shields her powers from him.
Hot-to-the-touch vampire elders and one lusty vamp rebel meddle in their growing relationship. Will Pamela reconcile herself with her undead status? Can Stephen win the love of his bewitching cop?
Can you guess what the answer to those questions will be?
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