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This week's hop is about Hot Encounters. 
I think this is something I can provide...
Pete and Sharon go to the local dive for Disco Night...

Pete wasn't usually much of a dancer, but there'd be Sharon, music, and beer. What more did a guy need? It was friggin' disco night. When the girls started dancing, there wasn't another woman in the place for him. He'd known Sharon for a few years and always believed her to be a knockout with a killer bod. They'd just never been in the same place, same time romantically. Then Hank got there first.

There was more to her than he'd thought. Hell, there was a lot more to her. She wasn't just a natural-born flirt, a party girl. She had a different side to her, one he doubted even Hank had seen. An insecurity, vulnerability, and loneliness. These tugged at his heartstrings and brought out a protective instinct in him. Its depth surprised him.

While she danced with the other gals, their eyes locked and stayed locked. He'd teased her, looking down, shading his eyes in mock embarrassment. She'd thrown her head back and laughed, adding an extra few brazen wiggles that gave him a mild heart attack.

The jukebox blared. All the women sang—

"…pleasures in the night…"

Nickie and Bobbie's short skirts were hot, but Sharon's long, sleek, form-fitting dress made him hungry to peel it off and get to the luscious body underneath. Her spectacular figure weaved sinuously, bumping and grinding to the music. When she tapped hips with the sisters, lifting her arms and shimmying, his cock hardened painfully behind the zipper in his jeans. He nearly exploded. Then she smiled at him, a flirty, private smile and held his gaze for several beats. He'd never liked disco as much as he did watching Sharon dance to it.

"…I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it…"

Oh, yeah.

"…now go, walk out the door…"

"Not a chance, baby!" he mouthed, watching a smile bloom on her face. She raised her hands to her hair, threaded her fingers through the long strands, and closed her eyes in what looked like ecstasy. The little witch was driving him insane, and he loved it. The song changed to Slow Hand. Oh, fuck, he wasn't going to make it.

"…come and go in a heated rush…"

Oh, yeah, he was heating up all right but had no intention of rushing. He plowed his way to the dance floor and swept her possessively into his arms. "I want you out of that dress," he growled the minute he held her close enough to press his lips against her ear. Her light, flowery scent, combined with the unmistakable heady musk of arousal, dizzied him. Ripe breasts rose sharply against his chest with her gasp, and he nuzzled at her neck, biting her earlobe, then sucking it just the way he'd do to her nipples. Her silky hair, loose and flowing around her shoulders, tickling his nose, would look fantastic spread out on his pillow. Or, if she liked to be on top, the heavy mass of it would float around his chest, his cock, and caress his balls.

He was no longer in any kind of control. He couldn't stop himself from stroking over her lush hips to fill his palms with her ass, wanting the round, firm cheeks in his hands. His groan drowned out by thumping downbeats, but her shiver proved she heard it.

Her face, lips pouty, moist, and open, eyes wide and glittering with sensual promise, tipped up to his. Shit. There was nothing but a soft, thin, cotton dress over her ass. He traced the narrow bands over her hipbones. A thong. She was wearing a God-blessed thong.

It almost drove him to his knees. He stopped moving, other couples bouncing off them. She flicked a questioning gaze up at him, but it quickly turned into a heavy-lidded, smoldering, knowing gaze. They were at the same place, at the same time. She'd done half the work arousing herself with the dancing and all the work arousing him. He leaned down to feather his breath over her ear. "Let's go."

She nodded, but her expression was oddly uncertain and serious. She wrapped her fingers around his biceps, caressed under the tight sleeves of his T-shirt. After a moment of intense scrutiny, she finally whispered back, "Yes."

If you'd like to read more of The Keeper, here's the blurb and buy site:
Sharon Timmons used the comfort of food to survive a rough childhood when her father left, and her mother responded by going from man to man. Taking control, she made a new life for herself -- new body, new job, new town. Deputy sheriff Hank wasn’t a forever kind of guy, but she was devastated when he left her for another woman. His partner rescued her. She had no clue how her life would be impacted.
Pete Rayne dated a lot of women in his day. He came from a big family, born right in the middle. No one had ever needed him before. Sharon did. He sensed her insecurities even though she was a knockout. When Hank publicly dumped her, Pete scooped her up in his arms – literally – and didn’t plan to let her go.
Sharon is a lot stronger emotionally than she gives herself credit for. Pete is determined to help her realize that and determined to prove to her he’s the one man who will love her under any circumstances and love her forever.  Sharon slowly comes to realize her intense, honest relationship with Pete is true, and he is The Keeper.
The Keeper, an erotic contemporary M/F romance - available now at Amazon:

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