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My Sexy Saturday - The Keeper @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS87

Pete has had a crush on his partner's
girlfriend, Sharon, for a long time. The guy code
says, "Hands off." So, besides being loyal to
his partner, he always followed the "guy code."
Until, against the odds, his chance came... 
Pete Rayne didn't run from the thought of getting married. He just hadn't met the right woman. Yet. He always figured, not to sound incestuous, that he'd marry a girl like his sisters. Blonde, blue-eyed, sweet and innocent looking. He never, in a million years, believed he'd seriously fall for the exact opposite. Sharon Timmons was someone else's girlfriend, though. His partner's, to be exact. Off limits, untouchable, taboo. So, he didn't touch. He just occasionally fantasized about her. However, the night his partner, Hank Crossman, followed the new woman in town, Nickie Grace, out of Nook's, Pete knew it was time to make his move on Sharon.
"Well," he said to Sharon. "I guess it's just you and me. Do you want to go home or stay a while longer?" He couldn't stand the dejected look on her beautiful face. "Dance with me, Share?"
She concentrated on drawing circles in the wet rings on the bar. "Like I didn't see that coming a mile off. Her brows drew together in a frown. "You don't need to…"
"Don't think about it right now, honey. Let's just dance." He brushed her jaw, raised his hand to her hair, and twisted his finger into the curls around her ear, his gaze following the movement. Pure silk, soft as clouds, he had to clench his fist to keep from clutching the strands and burying his face in her hair. Instead, he escorted her to the dance floor and wrapped her in his arms. He couldn't believe it. This was just like his fantasies, except they'd involved being naked in bed with her on top. She folded into his embrace as if she was well familiar with him. Her delicate body with its high, firm breasts, felt like heaven against his chest. Unbelievably, his arms shook more than they should have, so he tightened them and hunched over as if protecting her.
He rested his cheek against her hair and pulled her even closer, one hand around her waist, the other cupping her nape. She must have just washed her hair because even in the smoky bar, the scent of it was fresh and lemony. Every delicious inch of her—breasts, belly, and thighs—crushed against him as they swayed to the music. There was no way she could mistake his sexual interest since his cock had grown hard and heated, but he tried his damnedest not to grind it into the cushion of her body. "Sharon, look at me," he commanded in a husky, none too steady whisper, pulling gently on her hair to tip up her chin. "Share?" He tugged again. Crap. She's shivering. Is she crying?
She finally lifted her eyes to his. "No, no, I'm all right. You don't have to do this."
"I don't have to do anything, Share, but I want to kiss you."
And he wants to do much more!

Here's the Blurb for The Keeper 
Sharon Timmons used the comfort of food to survive a rough childhood when her father left, and her mother responded by going from man to man. Taking control, she made a new life for herself -- new body, new job, new town. Deputy sheriff Hank wasn’t a forever kind of guy, but she was devastated when he left her for another woman. His partner rescued her. She had no clue how her life would be impacted.
Pete Rayne dated a lot of women in his day. He came from a big family, born right in the middle. No one had ever needed him before. Sharon did. He sensed her insecurities even though she was a knockout. When Hank publicly dumped her, Pete scooped her up in his arms – literally – and didn’t plan to let her go.
Sharon is a lot stronger emotionally than she gives herself credit for. Pete is determined to help her realize that and determined to prove to her he’s the one man who will love her under any circumstances and love her forever.  Sharon slowly comes to realize her intense, honest relationship with Pete is true, and he is The Keeper.
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