Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Sexy Saturday - Loving Valentine - A Long Sexy Time ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS86

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Loving Valentine, a super erotic short story

Valentine, her brother Ryan and his best friend Rafe, ran wild when they were kids. Val's crush on Rafe started early and never died. Recovering from his divorce, Rafe reunites with Val at Ryan's wedding and is thoroughly turned on by the stunning woman she's become. Sparks fly, and their mutual fascination turns to lust. Val and Rafe's lifelong fantasies are fulfilled in one night of breathtaking sensuality. Can this ecstatic reunion turn to love?
The set up -- Valentine and Rafe reunite at her brother's wedding. 
She's loved him forever but had no hope that love would be returned...
Her eyes shifted to the hallway. Rafe's followed. They were alone. Here was his opportunity. Drifting his forefinger along her jaw, back to tangle in her hair, he moved closer until his tux lapels met the top of her bridesmaid dress. Hurry, someone might come out. He stared down into her cleavage. Puffs of voluptuous flesh spilled out the top of the dress. God, he didn't realize she had such spectacular breasts.
He dipped his head and brushed her lips, pulling her toward him with his hand around her nape. She came willingly. So willingly he lost his head and plunged his tongue into her mouth. His groan vibrated both their faces. Val was right there with him, tongue for tongue, groan for groan. She slipped her hands inside his jacket and hooked them on his belt.
In the dim recesses of his brain, he heard the absence of music. He had to get her out of here before they were caught. She was the only one who knew he was divorced, and Rafe had the presence of mind to not want people to think Valentine was fooling around with a married man. Ryan would kill him. But Rafe, looking down into those light eyes of hers and holding her soft, luscious body, had a feeling that going with Val would be worth any punishment Ryan could dish out.
And that's how Rafe ended up in Valentine's bed having the best sex of his life.
"Ryan doesn't have to know anything about this. No one needs to know." Val lay on her back, head turned toward him.
God, she was spectacular. Rafe had watched her grow up, had seen her develop. He'd always liked her. Knew she had a crush on him. What he hadn't known until tonight was how much he must have always wanted her.
When Rafe and Ryan had gone away to college, he'd put thoughts of Val on the back burner. Then he'd met and married Sybil. They tried to make it work, but there was no real passion. She resembled Val. Maybe that was it.
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