Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Keeper is at Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday

A sexy, hot 8 sentence snippet from The Keeper
Pete and Sharon have gone dancing on "Disco Night"

       Nickie and Bobbie's short skirts were hot, but Sharon's long, sleek, form-fitting dress made him hungry to peel it off and get to the luscious body underneath. Her spectacular figure weaved sinuously, bumping and grinding to the music. When she tapped hips with the sisters, lifting her arms and shimmying, his cock hardened painfully behind the zipper in his jeans. He nearly exploded. Then she smiled at him, a flirty, private smile and held his gaze for several beats. He'd never liked disco as much as he did watching Sharon dance to it.
"…I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it…"

       Oh, yeah.

The Keeper is a sequel to Home to Stay.  First, here's a little bit about Home to Stay
When Nickie begins restoring an old house in Parkersburg, Iowa, the last thing she expects is a stalker. But when Deputy Sheriff Hank responds to her call for help, all thoughts of danger flee her mind. The more she's forced to be with him, the stronger her attraction grows. He's never been the staying kind, but he can't fight his own growing feelings for her. 
The Keeper is the story of Hank's partner Pete and Hank's former girlfriend Sharon:
      Sharon Timmons used the comfort of food to survive a rough childhood when her father left, and her mother responded by going from man to man. Taking control, she made a new life for herself -- new body, new job, new town. Deputy sheriff Hank wasn’t a forever kind of guy, but she was devastated when he left her for another woman. His partner rescued her. She had no clue how her life would be impacted.
Pete Rayne dated a lot of women in his day. He came from a big family, born right in the middle. No one had ever needed him before. Sharon did. He sensed her insecurities even though she was a knockout. When Hank publicly dumped her, Pete scooped her up in his arms – literally – and didn’t plan to let her go.
Sharon is a lot stronger emotionally than she gives herself credit for. Pete is determined to help her realize that and determined to prove to her he’s the one man who will love her under any circumstances and love her forever.  Sharon slowly comes to realize her intense, honest relationship with Pete is true, and he is The Keeper.
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