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I'll Be Your Last
an erotic M/M from Siren
Life dealt Mack Penchant a raw deal. He's hidden his sexuality, the secret he's carried since he was a teen, through the Marine Corps, and now as an undercover cop. The only relationships he believes possible for himself is the furry kind, with his dog Kiki. One young cop, though, drives him to a frenzy, and he fights his passions and needs every step of the way.
Woody Kane’s gaydar spots Mack the moment they meet. And even though Mack rejects him, Woody lusts after the perfect masculine body and wants him in his bed. Woody believes in commitment. Mack makes it clear he does not. Can Woody prove to Mack that he's worthy of love? After all, he adopted a rescue dog. Isn't that a start?
What peril will it take for Mack to accept Woody's love and join him in a committed relationship?
A Christmas in July story ;-)
Here is a short story about Mack and Woody's first Christmas together…
© Jane Leopold Quinn
Mack Penchant couldn't believe he was actually looking forward to Christmas. He'd never looked forward to a holiday, but having Woody in his life had changed everything. They still kept their relationship secret from the other cops at their precinct houses, but slowly they'd acquired a core group of friends along with Woody's very supportive father, sister, and niece. He'd moved into Woody's house lock, stock, and barrel, and with his dog, Kiki.
A God damned real Christmas tree stood in a corner of the living room, its branches bare of lights and decorations. Mack gazed at it, almost frozen in memories of the past. Actually he had no memory of festive holidays of any kind, his childhood being less than happy.
"Mack, did you check the lights yet?"
There he was, the almost ever-cheerful Woody Kane. Sometimes, his partner was too lighthearted for Mack's liking, but he was getting used to it. "They're fine." He couldn't stop the growl of irritation.
Woody usually ignored his bad tempers which was good, since they were getting fewer in number and shorter in duration. Woody—calm, understanding, and loving—gentled Mack. His demons were slipping away, and he was getting used to a relationship with the man who just may be the love of his life.
Kiki trotted into the living room and headed right for Mack. "Who's your daddy, Kiki girl?" He knelt to scratch her haunches. For some reason she loved that and leaned against his legs to remind him of it. Gently massaging her haunches, he watched Woody, the light expert, putter around the tree. He'd help hang the decorations when the lights were in place.
About twenty minutes later, Woody pronounced the tree ready for the next step.
"Wow," Mack exclaimed. "Those old fashioned lights look great just as they are."
Woody guffawed. "You're not getting out of decorating duty, Mack, so come on over and get started."
"Darn!" But he gave Kiki a final pat and headed to the tree. "You're bossy," he said to Woody.
"I have to be or you'd zone out in front of the TV, and I'd do the tree all by myself. This is a joint project. It's our first Christmas together." Woody's voice softened, and he gently bumped Mack's shoulder.
Mack met the serious gaze. His heart thumped with joy at finding this wonderful man and with lust for his luscious body. Wrapping his hand around Woody's nape, he slipped his fingers into his hair and drew him in for a kiss. There was no resistance, so he cupped the other man's ass, drawing their hips together. Woody's stiff cock against his own proved that Christmas trees were more arousing than people would have imagined.
At Woody's soft moan, he traced the crease of his ass through the jeans, and then pressed his fingers against the seam. Mack closed his eyes. The dildo would come in handy right now. He liked the idea of seeing the smooth, clear glass sliding inside Woody's tight hole. "Come on, baby," he said.
In the bedroom, Mack liberated the dildo and lube from the bedside drawer. Woody was already removing his jeans, underwear, and shirt. Mack hurriedly undressed himself then pushed Woody down onto the bed and lubed up his fingers. Kneeling, he grasped Woody's cock in one hand, splayed his legs, and reached the other one down to play with the dark asshole.
Woody groaned loudly and wrapped a hand around Mack's, tightening them both. Stroking and poking in an even rhythm, Woody bucked and writhed. Mack wanted the torture and teasing to drive his partner to a frenzy.
"Oh, God, more…more fingers," Woody begged.
Mack added two more in smooth strokes, pressing on his hot button just inside the anus.
"Son of a bitch, fuck me already!"
Mack withdrew his fingers, reached for the thick glass dildo, and twisted it in like a corkscrew. He smiled, a little self-satisfied quirk of his lips. He may not be able to give Woody as much emotionally as another man might, but he could physically love on him all day long.
His own cock and asshole needed tending, but Woody came first.
Woody looked up at him, desperation, desire, love all glowed on his face. Mack felt choked up. Damn, this man was so special and deserved the best. And damn, he intended to be the best in every way.
All of a sudden, Woody bit his lower lip, squeezed his eyes shut, and shouted out his ejaculation, thick ropes of it splattering on his belly. "Christ, Mack! I love you."
Mack chuckled. "Yeah, I know."
"You jerk."
Mack lay down next to Woody to give him the sweetest kiss he could manage. Then he murmured, "I love you too. You know that, don't you?"
"Yes, I do."
"I've never had a Christmas like this one. It's all new to me, the tree, decorations, gifts. I sometimes can't believe it's happening."
"Oh, believe it, honey. You're part of my life now. I want to give you everything you never had. Family and love. All of it, all the time."
Mack quieted. He didn't deserve this happy life he had now, but he intended to hang onto it with both hands. It was all he wanted for the new year.
* * *
Christmas Eve, the two guys went to Woody's dad's house for dinner and presents. Mack liked all of the family, but he especially loved Woody's three and a half year old niece, Evie. When they'd first met, she'd entrusted him her precious doll, Stephanie. He couldn't wait for her to see his gift this year.
Replete with turkey and all the trimmings, Mack, Woody, and the family lounged in the living room. The lights were low with only the fireplace flames and tree lights illuminating the room.
Peace. Mack had never felt such peace. Life as a gay cop in Chicago, well, any cop in any town, wasn't always easy. But he was learning that he could handle it all with this crowd behind him.
"Uncle Mack, this is for you."
He grinned and pulled Evie into his lap. "Now what would this be, sweetheart?"
"I made it and wrapped it myself."
Out of the box he plucked a childishly-made dish. What filled his eyes with tears was seeing his name printed so carefully with paint. "Oh, honey, this is the nicest gift I've ever received. Thank you." She threw her little girl arms around his neck and hugged him as hard as he hugged her back. Looking over her shoulder, he met Woody's eyes and his smirk.
He just buried his face in her sweet-smelling baby neck and smiled.
Pushing him away, she said, "What did you get me, Uncle Mack?" She looked longingly at a large present under the tree.
"I guess you'll have to open it to find out."
With a shriek, she abandoned his lap, grabbed the box, and ripped off the paper. "Uncle Mack! She's so pretty." Evie gently tugged the baby doll from its tissue paper nest. "I love her."
Woody sat on the arm of the couch and put his arm around Mack's shoulders. "So, that's the big surprise." He winked. "Good work, guy."
"My pleasure." Mack gazed into Woody's eyes. "Thank you for sharing your family with me."
"It's your family too, Mack. You know that, don't you?"
"Yeah, I do."
Woody whispered into Mack's ear, "We're in this together now. You're the man I want to be with for the rest of my life. I'll do everything I can to make your new year the greatest you've ever had."
Mack patted the hand resting on his shoulder, then wrapped his fingers around it and rubbed his cheek on the back. "I'll do my best too, Wood." He gazed up into his partner's eyes.
"Don't look so scared, sweetheart. Love is easy."
"Even for two gay cops?" Mack retorted. "In Chicago?"
Woody lifted his eyebrows and gave him a half smile. "Are you willing to try?"
Mack gave him a full smile. "Yup, baby. I don't ever want to leave you. Here's to the coming year!"

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I'll Be Your Last
an erotic M/M from Siren


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