Thursday, October 8, 2015

Welcome to Dust and Francie's Emerald - Smokin' Hot Mini Tales of the Olde West

Welcome to Dust is the first of an erotic two-part serial and ends with a cliffhanger.

Dust, a town on the edge of nowhere, has a lot going on.

Eve Storm tends bar at the Emerald Saloon and yearns to increase her savings to go home back East. The fly in her ointment is the gorgeous cowboy who comes in all the time.

Brandon Prosper, federal marshal undercover as a simple cowboy, cannot stay away from Eve. She doesn't have a problem keeping away from him though and thwarts his attempts at seduction at every turn.

Dust, the Emerald Saloon, and its denizens are the centerpieces in this erotic historical western two-part serial about a down and out town, train robbers, female saloon owners and bartenders, and hunky lawmen. Welcome to Dust is just the beginning…

R-rated Excerpt

Turning, she stared at him for long minutes. He couldn't see her expression in the dark, just the faint white of her skin in the slight moonlight.

Holding out a hand, hoping she could see it, he said her name again just as softly as before. If she was going to come to him, he wanted it to be of her own free will. Damn it. Sometimes he wished he could just grab her. This respecting a woman's wishes got to be pretty frustrating at times.

"Cowboy," she sighed.

"Bran," he responded, then added, "Come here."

In a flurry of satin skirts, she lowered herself to the blanket. He loved coming into town every week and came in just to see her. Every gown she wore was a beautiful color with its full, shiny skirts and fitted bodice. The contrast between full and fitted showed off her tiny waist. Her breasts were soft, white mounds above the corset-like bodice. His tongue had the proverbial itch to trace those mounds, nip and suck at them.

Lifting a hand, he traced the top of her breast with his forefinger. Lazily, he sketched an invisible line from one to the other. Give me some help here, lady. Clue me in to what you want. Then he said that aloud. His hands were shaking with anticipation, and he didn't think he could hang on much longer.


It was his name, and, coming out of her mouth, it sounded low and sexy with a hint of hunger. Pulling her forward across his lap, he lifted her chin, and closed his lips on hers, losing himself in the smoothness and sweetness of her kisses. When her little tongue came out to touch his lips, he lost all finesse. Ravaging her mouth, he swept his tongue inside, thick and insistent, sucking her tongue into his mouth.

They were mating kisses.

Proof of desire kisses. Mutual desire kisses.

She massaged his shoulders, her hands roaming down his arms, around his waist to trail over the muscles in his back. Not exactly where he wanted her fingers. Laying her gently back on the blanket, he moved his kisses to her neck, then chest. He took a moment to breathe in her scent. Surprisingly, her skin didn't smell like beer and smoke and bar sweat. It smelled like fresh sunlight and flowers. He groaned.

"Oh, Evie, I want you. You're so sweet, so pretty." He punctuated that by nudging her bodice down with his nose and teeth. When a lovely plump breast popped free, he quickly latched onto her pale nipple. There was just enough moonlight to see the contrast between skin and erect bud. Holding it between his teeth, he swiped his tongue across the tip.


with saloon owner Francine Michaels and Sheriff Sam Dash

Francie's Emerald is the conclusion of this short, sexy serial about two couples
who find love in Dust, the town that looks exactly like its name.

Francine Michaels' most precious possession is the Emerald Saloon. She worked long and hard to make it the most glamorous, beautiful place in the westeven though the town of Dust might be the worst place in the west. Damn! If the railroad had only built through Dust… Well, she'd still make the Emerald a success.
Sheriff Sam Dash loves Francie with all his heart. He has high hopes that someday she'll love him back. As soon as she grows to trust him.

Eve Storm is kidnapped again, and Sam and Francie join Brandon Prosper and a posse to rescue her.

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