Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Covers on My Babies -- And New Sale Sites

Most of my books are now on sale sites
other than Amazon.
They can be found at these fine retailers:

24symbols  ~~  iBooks  ~~  Barnes & Noble

Inktera  ~~  Scribd  ~~  Kobo

As far as the gorgeous new covers, here goes --

[Contemporary Romance Novel - M/F]

After a decade at war, Marc comes home to investigate his parents' mysterious deaths. Beautiful jazz singer Phoebe hungers for fame and craves love. Despite their differing paths, they give in to their sizzling attraction. Will their passion turn deadly when the killer decides two murders might not have been enough?
 This book was originally published as Lost and Found.

[Contemporary Romance Novel - M/F - Sequel to The Gunny...]

Mike is Marc's best friend from high school. In his family's bar, Mike recognizes a woman from college. Norah has called off her wedding when her fiancé is busted at a gentlemen’s club on the wedding day. She took the first train out of Chicago ending up in small town Birchwood Falls. Mike thinks that now she’s on his turf, he’s going to taste her every beautiful inch. Norah won't let another man get close enough to hurt her. But Mike’s passionate pursuit awakens a sexual hunger she didn’t know she had.

This book was originally titled The Real Deal.

[Contemporary Romance Novel - M/F]
When Nickie begins restoring an old house in Parkersburg, Iowa, the last thing she expects is a stalker. But when Deputy Sheriff Hank responds to her call for help, all thoughts of danger flee her mind. The more she's forced to be with him, the stronger her attraction grows. He's never been the staying kind, but he can't fight his own growing feelings for her. 
[Contemporary Romance Novel - M/F - Sequel to Home to Stay]
Pete rescued Sharon when she was dumped by her boyfriend. He scooped her up in his arms–literally–and didn’t plan to let her go, determined to prove he'll love her forever. Sharon finally realizes her intense, honest relationship with Pete is true, and that he is The Keeper.
[Historical Western Romance Novel - M/F]
Ivy discovers the Flamenco, the sensuality of music and dancing. Not wanting a marriage of convenience, she runs away with the dance troupe. Jake, cowboy and loner, falls hard for Ivy and battles his desires against his well-honed sense of independence. They perform their own style pas de deux until their passions ignite in the middle of a thunder storm. Then Jake’s long lost brother mysteriously surfaces. Will this appearance tear Jake and Ivy apart?

[Historical Western Romance Novel - M/F - Sequel to Jake and Ivy]
Nick yearns for a home and love. When pulling a woman off a rearing horse, he loses his heart. Margee runs her ranch with a creepy ranch foreman. She won't allow the drifter Nick to get near her no matter how handsome he is. Will Margee's secret keep her from moving forward? Nick's fallen in love with the beautiful rancher. Can he prove to her his roaming days are over? And will they survive their past secrets, finding the love they didn't know they craved?
[Contemporary Romance Novel - M/F]

Cop Sam Bolt’s life is cold. Until a woman creeps into his heart, heating his blood. Actress Liz Aspen finds the mysterious stranger enthralling and seductive. She digs through his barriers to prove he deserves what he truly wants in life—a family, a home, and love. With her.

Originally published as Undercover Lover.
[Historical Time Travel Romance Novel - M/F]
 4-12 Stars and Top Pick at Romantic Times Magazine

Nineteen centuries and interfering Roman gods can't keep Marek and Janney apart after she steps from her time into 2nd Century Roman Britain. The teacher and the Roman soldier will both learn the meaning of undying love.

[Contemporary Romance Novella - M/F]

Army Ranger Jess Crofton wants one last fling before deployment. He gets that along with memories of Lorren Samples to carry with him into battle. Can a long deployment, a horrific Afghan mountain battle, and a wounded hero rekindle the passion he found on a hot Chicago summer's day?

Originally published as Windy City Love Affair.
[Contemporary Romance Short Story - M/F]

Valentine's crush on Rafe, her brother's best friend, started early and never died. Rafe and Val reunite at Ryan's wedding, sparks fly, and their mutual fascination turns to lust. Val and Rafe's lifelong fantasies are fulfilled in one night of breathtaking sensuality. Can this ecstatic reunion turn to love?

Originally published as Valentine's Day.
[Contemporary Romance Novella - M/F]
Rowdy Pierce-warrior. Sara Stewart-artist. Macho mercenary rescues posh jewelry designer. Lives collide in a rescue in the desert. Sara falls for her body-to-die-for hero. Rowdy is fascinated by the luscious woman. He doesn’t expect to lose his heart. Will their lust turn to something deeper back in the real world?
Originally published as Mercenary Desires.
[Contemporary Romance Short Story - M/F/M]


Through an odd twist of fate, Gwen Bailey meets up with Brede Harker and Rory O’Brien, a sugar daddy and his sugar daddy apprentice. This meeting leads to a night of exploration and passion that none of them will ever forget.


[Contemporary Romance Short Story - M/F]


Widow Faye Burke watches the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. Her guilty pleasure is the hunk running along the beach. The lovely woman watching Gil Farrelly gets his creative juices flowing. He’s determined to paint her. Faye fears their age difference will separate them. Gil intends to prove otherwise.


[Contemporary Vampire Romance Novella - M/F, Multiples]


Cop Pamela's weary of her vampire existence. Undead lawyer, Stephen, crosses her in court. She's centuries older and intends to control him. After intimate kisses, he plans to bed her ASAP. He discovers she's undead, more powerful, and shielding. Will love awaken when vampire elders meddle in their growing relationship.


[Historical Western Romance Short Story - M/F]

After a failed romance, all Isis wants is to start her library. She doesn't want another man, not even the handsome preacher. Pres is starting a new life as a preacher. He can’t hide his attraction to the new librarian. Can he discover the way into her heart and prove he’s a good guys? Pres isn’t about to give up. Can Isis forget her past pain and see a future with him?

Originally titled Hot Under the Collar.
[Medieval Faery Tale Romance Short Story - M/F]


Princess Violetta’s dreams of a handsome knight winning her heart die when she becomes the prize in a joust. One of the knights, although effeminate-looking, is also the most handsome man she’s ever seen. Prince Colin hates his disguise as an outrageous peacock. The last thing he expects to find is a beautiful, passionate princess. He spends his days fighting for her hand in the joust, and the nights fighting for her love. Will Violetta’s two well-meaning, but hapless faery god sisters help the couple or cause utter chaos?
This isn't a new cover, but I loved it!

[Educating Eris - Contemporary Romance Short Story - F/F]
[My Parisian Sabbatical - Contemporary Romance Short Story - M/F]
My Parisian Sabbatical - The last thing Maddie expects and wants is an attraction to a stranger at another table in a Parisian café. Charlie can't take his eyes off the woman he wants to paint. They both get more than they expected.
Educating Eris - Best friends discover the joys and pleasures of a same sex relationship. Will Nora show Eris what real love is?


[Historical Western Romance Short Stories - M/F]

Welcome to Dust, a town on the edge of nowhere, has a lot going on. Eve tends bar at the Emerald and yearns to go home. The fly in her ointment is the gorgeous cowboy. Brandon, undercover federal marshal, cannot stay away from Eve. She doesn't have a problem keeping away from him and thwarts his attempts at seduction. Dust, the Emerald Saloon, and its denizens are the centerpieces in this erotic two-part serial. Welcome to Dust is just the beginning…


Francie's Emerald is the conclusion of this short, sexy serial about two couples who find love in Dust, the town that looks exactly like its name. Francine Michaels' most precious possession is the Emerald Saloon. She worked long and hard to make it the most glamorous, beautiful place in the west—even though the town of Dust might be the worst place in the west. Damn! If the railroad had only built through Dust… Well, she'd still make the Emerald a success. Sheriff Sam Dash loves Francie with all his heart. He has high hopes that someday she'll love him back. As soon as she grows to trust him. Eve Storm is kidnapped again, and Sam and Francie join Brandon Prosper and a posse to rescue her.



  1. There are so many fantastic sounding books I don't know where to start buying. I guess I'll start at the top. Thanks.

  2. I like the new covers. they are all very eyecatching.

  3. Wow. The new covers are steamy, evocative and make you want to turn the pages to get to the action fast.

  4. Congrats on the (mostly) new covers!