Scorching Mini Tales - Educating Eris (f/f) and My Parisian Sabbatical (m/f)

Two Hot Shorts in One Delectable Volume


Angry and broken hearted at the same moment, Madeline Stuart tries to recover from a failed love affair. The last thing she expects and wants is an attraction to a stranger at another table in a Parisian café. Charlie Bemis can't take his eyes off the woman he wants to paint, and he doesn't care that she's a tad bit older than he is. In this first person short romance, live through Maddie's eyes and sexual awakening as Charlie paints her in every way possible.

Charlie and Madeline

He toys with his wine glass, staring at me from across the café. Every memory of the breakup with Claude leaves my mind. No matter that it happened ten minutes ago. I should be devastated, shouldn't I? I had been until my gaze meets the stranger's. At first, I surreptitiously watch him play with his wine glass, his long thick finger rimming the edge then caressing the stem. Every sensuous point in my body responds to his unconscious actions. I cross my legs even though it does nothing to assuage the heavy beat of my vaginal pulse. Biting my lip in dismay at realizing that Claude is forgotten as quickly as this, I try not to look at this man.

And fail.

My God, he's a heavenly specimen. Deeply tanned skin contrasts with lake blue eyes and thick black hair held back at the nape of his neck with a leather strip. His lips are firmly sculpted and his jaw juts strongly. Jesus. Dressed very casually, his dark blue T-shirt hugs his shoulders and chest tightly, hiding absolutely none of his very impressive muscles and flat belly.

I don't usually like the muscle-bound type but for him I'll make an exception. Of course maybe he's not interested in women. Many men who look as gorgeous as he does are gay. But his piercing gaze doesn't say gay. Those blue eyes deepen in arousal and he gifts me with the sweetest come hither smile I'd ever seen.

Damn Claude. At this moment I can't remember what I'd ever seen in that creep. I lower my lashes flirtatiously and let my own lips lift in a smile. I want that mouth and those large hands touching me. Everywhere. Unless the surprise about this guy is that he's married like the bastard Claude.

But then I come to my senses. Attractive or not, hot or not, I know in my vulnerable state it would be a bad idea to hook up with a stranger. Another heartbreak I don't need. No doubt this masculine compelling man would be a good lover but don't I want something  more permanent out of a relationship?

You're thirty and not getting any younger. This beautiful man looks barely out of his teens.

With a sigh and a regretful smile at him, I collect my purse, settle my straw hat on my head and wend through the tables and out onto the boulevard. Without a backward glance, I melt into the crowd and head back to my flat. The day is beautiful, clear blue sky and soft breezes but I just want to hide out alone.



Eris and Nora are best friends. Nora has fought her attraction to her married friend since the day they met in college. Now that Eris' marriage is on the rocks, Nora comforts her, a comfort that turns into sexual actions. Shocked and aroused, Eris must make a decision. Does she leave her husband to pursue a same sex relationship? Can she accept this change in her life and move forward with her best friend?

Eris and Nora

Part I

"Can I spend the night?"

Eris' voice broke Nora's heart. True to the meaning of her name, the goddess of discord, Eris must have had another fight with her husband. Her closest friend was miserable in her marriage but for some unfathomable reason she'd stuck with the dick for eight years.

"Where is he tonight?"

"I don't know anymore and I don't care." Eris tossed her coat over the back of a dining chair and paced around the living room before finally plopping into a corner of the couch.

"Don't you guys talk at all?" Nora wasn't surprised at this. Gil ran all over Eris, treated her like crap, and always seemed confident she'd be there when he got home. Nora had watched this scenario for years and was pissed about it. But as much as she loved Eris, she wanted to slap her sensible.

"I don't think I can take it any longer." Eris wept, a big fat tear dribbling down her cheek.

Whoa. I've never heard this before. Trouble in paradise? "What are you going to do?" Nora held her breath hoping against hope this would be the end of her friend's agonizing marriage.

"I'm moving out." Eris' sobs suddenly turned torrential while hugging one of the throw pillows in her arms like a life preserver.

Nora fought with her libido to stay seated in her corner of the couch. She needed to comfort this girl, this woman. She needed to crawl all over her like a soft warm blanket and make everything all better. But the fact was that Nora had known she was gay since the age of fourteen. She wasn't sure the person she loved more than anyone else in the world had a clue. That's what kept Nora in her corner of the couch.

"I hate him. He's made me feel worthless for years, and I'm not taking it any more." Eris buried her face in the pillow and bawled like tears were going out of style. She peered up at Nora then, her face all red and puffy. "Nor, can I please stay here, at least for tonight? I'll sleep on the couch and be out first thing in the morning."

Nora's heart split right in two at the pathetic begging, and at the same time she felt homicidal. Gil, the bastard, had driven an angel like Eris to this grief and pain. And why would Eris think she wouldn't be welcome?

"Oh God, I didn't mean to fall apart like this. You must think I'm the biggest fool."

Nora wanted to smack her. Tell her to stop crying and kick that son of a bitch where it would hurt the most. Instead, Nora went against what her better, more sensible self advised her. Always a sucker for tears, she slid over, put her arm around Eris' shoulders and embraced her. Waiting for years, she'd never really believed she'd ever have Eris in her arms. She wanted to show her friend that love was wonderful not a nightmare with that SOB. Was this the chance to be Eris' lover that she'd always wanted?


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