Loving Valentine


M/F Erotic Contemporary
8,600 words
Valentine, her brother Ryan and his best friend Rafe, ran wild when they were kids. Val's crush on Rafe started early and never died. Recovering from his divorce, Rafe reunites with Val at Ryan's wedding and is thoroughly turned on by the stunning woman she's become. Sparks fly, and their mutual fascination turns to lust. Val and Rafe's lifelong fantasies are fulfilled in one night of breathtaking sensuality. Can this ecstatic reunion turn to love?


"Val, baby, open your eyes," Rafe demanded, his voice raspy with lust.

She felt him slide her little red satin, heart shaped pillow under her. Yes. That was just perfect to hike her bottom up, level with his lips. He was so tall, and she wanted to do whatever necessary to aid him in his mission.

"God, Rafe, pleeeeze," she whimpered. All her erotic fantasies coming true, Valentine quivered in anticipation. Stretched out, her bottom balanced on the edge of the bed, her legs tightened around her brother's best friend's shoulders, she panted for deliverance. Thankfully, she didn't have long to wait.

Their eyes locked on each other's, Rafe's mouth clamped around her clit, and she strained her long legs up and out, widening them to urge him in closer. Val clutched his hair and stood her tippy toes on end, pushing herself into his face. Her back arched as fireworks raced from nerve endings in her core, to her nipples, to her brain.

"Yes…there…that's it. Don't stop that," she pleaded, her voice rising into hysteria.


"Yes…" His tongue speared pointedly, then flattened, then swirled. There was that one spot especially. "Oh, God…there." She ground her hips and whimpered. Something else. She needed something else. "Rafe." She panted his name again and again.

Then his thick, long finger slid through the slick wetness and into her sheath. Ohh. That's it. Another finger speared. And with the rhythmic suction of his lips, the persistent stroking inside her, Val shattered, starting from deep in her belly, radiating through vein and muscle to the tips of the fingers gripping his hair and all the way to her straining toes. Tears poured from the corners of her eyes down to her ears. Violently, she continued pumping her shimmying hips, relishing the aftermath of the humongous orgasm.


Rafe hung on through Valentine's every movement, every jerk, shimmy, pulse, every quiver. Damn, but she tastes fine. She sounded even better in her orgasmic throes. Keeping his fingers planted deeply inside her, he released her clit and lapped indulgently at her folds and around her opening. He could feel her internal spasms on his fingers and wanted his cock in there. Right now, as a matter of fact.

Rising, he scooted Val up across the bed, stretching her out full length. As he quickly donned a condom, he watched her, still in the aftermath of the orgasm he'd given her. Her creamy, glowing body and sooty black hair contrasted sharply with her red sheets. He would have laughed if he weren't in pain and didn't have the great need to pound his cock into her. Anyone else would have red satin sheets. Valentine's were red flannel.

She opened her eyes at that moment. Silver shone, so light against her dark hair. Rafe stretched out over her in push up position--girl push up position--with his knees between her thighs.

"Come inside me, Rafe," she growled, low and rough.

She was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. "In a minute." He fiercely covered her lips with his own. Speared his tongue into her mouth just as he'd speared it around her clit. He felt her fingers in his hair, over his ears, holding him tightly as she suctioned him in. Their tongues tangled in carnal play. He dipped his chest to her breasts and felt the little hard tips tickling through the mat of fur blanketing his pecs.

Val moaned in complaint when he released her mouth. He gave her one final incendiary kiss, turning it gentle at the last, sipping from her lips. With nips and licks, he worked his way down her long neck, over her collarbone, and onto the generous cushions of her breasts. Jesus. The soft, snowy, cushions with their tight raspberry nipples would flush even darker when he was through with them.

"Yes," she sighed.

Again she approved of his activities. Again he intended to please her. Should he tease her by nibbling or just lock on and suckle?

"Oh, God, do it."

"Do what, Val?" He made his voice ingratiating, as if he didn't know what she wanted. I know what I want. To push her knees apart and thrust his cock as far in as it could go. Restraining his wild need, he gazed directly into her eyes. "What do you want me to do, sweetheart?"

"Unh, you know." She arched her back, thrusting her breasts in his face.

Her gem-hard, little nipples rasped on his cheek. His voice went low and whispery. "Tell me what you want me to do," as his lips caressed the outer curve of one breast.


"Say it." He lapped a wet path down her center, then nuzzled his nose into the fold under her breast. "Tell…" Nip. "…me." Lick. Nip.

"Put…your…mouth…on…" She was obviously in shivery agony, her quick breaths joggling his head.

"Where?" Rafe's mouth hovered over a nipple, letting his hot breath bathe her. Letting her anticipate. Torturing himself in the process.

"Nipple." She stretched the word out, a shrill order.

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4/5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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